In comparison with previous centuries, staying in the Ore Mountains is much more comfortable and enjoyable - not only due to easy availability, but mainly due to a rich offer of tourist services, the selection of which depends on you. You will easily find useful information in the information centres. Sports equipment rental will lighten your luggage and special buses will quickly transport you and your mountain bikes or skis to the desired destination. You can relax with a calming massage or find more information about the history of the Ore Mountains region in museums.


There is a well-known ski resort on the German border, 700 metres from the guesthouse. Ski slopes with all kinds of difficulty levels are maintained regularly. The resort offers a snow guarantee for their newly-built artificial snow system, which covers all the ski slopes – a total of 5.5 kilometres of artificially snow-covered slopes, with an area of 13 hectares. The snow-making system is fully automated. In the resort, there is also a mini ski area suitable for beginners and families with small children. Transportation for skiers is provided free of charge on these routes: Loučná – Háj – Mariánská – Boží Dar – Vejprty – Kovářská. The chair-lift from the Jáchymov spa to Klínovec is in service year-round.

Fichtelberg (SRN)

This resort is located about 4 kilometres from Háj. It offers more slopes with ski-lifts, a cabin lift and skibob course. A classic train pulled by a locomotive regularly travels to the area from Oberwiesenthal, Germany.

Winter activities

The Klínovec ski resort is located 600 metres from the guesthouse. At the same distance there are a ski slope and a chair-lift as well. The slope is 1,900 metres long and is the longest in the Ore Mountains. A common ski pass is also valid for the Neklid – Boží Dar ski resort, with three ski slopes, which is located 2 kilometres from Háj and is accessible for those on skis. The Oberwiesenthal ski resort in Germany is 5 kilometres away. In the Nástup hotel, which is 600 metres from the guesthouse, there is an indoor heated swimming pool.

Summer activities

In the vicinity of the area with a chair-lift on Klínovec, there are 3 downhill tracks for mountain bikes. Tracks ending close to the lift bottom can be used by families with children as well as top athletes. Every year the Czech Republic championships in downhill mountain cycling are held here, with foreign participation. The area around Klínovec isn't visited only by lovers of cycling and hiking , but also by those who gather mushrooms and wild berries. There are tourist centres available nearby and further away: Jáchymov, Karlovy Vary, Kadaň and Klášterec nad Ohří. It is possible to take a trip to the summer aquapark in Klášterec nad Ohří (20 km) and the indoor aquapark in Geyer, Germany (40 km). Kamencové jezero ('jezero' is the Czech word for 'lake') near Chomutov (35 km) offers refreshment and swimming as well as an indoor swimming pool with year-round operation. Blatenský příkop, Božídarské rašeliniště and Starý hraniční kámen are natural and historic attractions and are in the immediate neighbourhood. Children and adults may be interested in visiting the animals in the Podkrušnohorský Zoopark in Chomutov.